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In May 1977, around a picnic table, under a large oak tree on the south edge of the Burton Mesa Chaparral Garden, the “Friends of the Botanic Garden” organized and approved a constitution and by-laws. By June of the same year, because of the broad range of interests in the group, the name was officially changed to the “Lompoc Valley Botanic and Horticultural Society” (LVBHS).

In the past, our Society contributed to several entities, including the Lompoc Library with books relating to botany and horticulture; local schools for particular garden projects; the Alpha Club for their Flower Show trophies; to the Environmental Horticulture Dept. at Cal Poly for the California section at the Leaning Pine Arboretum; and to UCSB for studies of local interest. One such dealt with the fire ecology of the Burton Mesa Chaparral community.

We also funded: Tony Sehgal's excellent video on the Burton Mesa Chaparral; the work and oversight of the drought-tolerant display garden on W. Central Avenue; and, since the Society's beginning, the maintenance of the chaparral garden on the Lompoc campus of Allan Hancock College.

Honors and Awards

Over the years, our Society's members have been recognized for their contributions with awards and honors from local organizations, including the Lompoc Beautification and Appearance Commission and the Santa Barbara County Action Network.

The LVBHS Constitution

The following is an excerpt from the Lompoc Valley Botanic and Horticultural Society's Constitution under "PURPOSES":


"The purposes of the Society are: (1) to collect, preserve, protect and study plants native to California, especially those native to and cultivated in the Lompoc Valley, Santa Barbara and San Luis Obispo  Counties; (2) to promote, develop and increase public awareness of the Burton Mesa Chaparral Garden at Allan Hancock Community College, Lompoc Campus; (3) to seek to broaden horticultural and gardening interest in the Lompoc Valley; (4) to cooperate with the City of Lompoc in the development and maintenance of drought tolerant gardens on public properties; and (5) to cooperate with other organizations and individuals with like purposes."


Est. 1977

Originally called “Friends of the Botanic Garden”, the Society was formed as a community support group for the Burton Mesa Chaparral Garden, overseeing the maintenance of paths and signs. Through the years, the Society has grown to include other horticultural activities, but maintains a strong interest in plants native to Santa Barbara County.

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