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Image of the Drought Tolerant Garden sign
Image of Pride of Madeira plant, Echium Fastuosum
Image of Manzanita flowers
Image of white Matilija poppy with honey bee taken at the Drought Tolerant Garden
Image of bottle brush flowers taken at the Drought Tolerant Garden
The Formation of the Garden

From a City of Lompoc Utility Department's 1999 commemorative calendar:


“From 1986 to 1991 California experienced a serious drought. The City of Lompoc Water Department, Water Commission and the City Council gave priority to finding ways to protect our City from serious shortages and rationing. New and innovative ordinances were passed that would encourage City departments and the residents of Lompoc to reduce water usage without reducing our quality of life, or sacrificing services offered to the public.

Bess Christensen was a member and chair of the Lompoc Water Commission at this time. She and her husband had planted a drought tolerant landscape in their front yard and had quickly come to appreciate the beauty of the plants, the ease of care and the lower water bills. Mrs. Christensen took it upon herself to campaign for a demonstration garden of similar plants within the City. The Central Avenue frontage of Lompoc Regional Wastewater Treatment Plant was found for the garden, but it was much larger than first visualized by Mrs. Christensen and she realized that help was needed.

Mrs. Christensen also belonged to the Lompoc Valley Botanic Society and she enlisted their help with this project. Because of the lack of experience and the complexity of the area, the Society found that the design was beyond their capability and a landscape design firm was hired to provide the needed expertise. The Society paid for this work and City staff was asked to volunteer for the planting of the Garden.

It is well worth a visit to the Garden. There is off-street parking along  Central Ave about midway along the garden. A walk at anytime of year will find some plants in bloom. The colors of green and the fragrance  of the leaves is always delightful. Thank you Bess Christensen and the Lompoc Valley Botanic Society.”


In more recent years, members and friends of our Society have volunteered their own time to maintain and beautify the garden, sometimes on 'Make a Difference Day', sometimes by dates arranged within our organization. The Lompoc Parks and Recreation Department or the Wastewater Division has helped provide mulch and remove piles of weeds. 


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