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Angie Oullette and Compost Bins
image of BMCG prickly phlox blooming Feb, 2016pg
BMCG 20230725_Buckwheat.jpg

Past Meetings

in 2024

  • January: our speaker Helga George, PhD in Plant Pathology, described the fascinating adaptations that plants have developed to protect themselves.

in 2023

  • January: presentation on Santa Cruz Island's Flora and Ecology spanning the last 30 years. Our speaker Annie Meeder - a graduate student who has conducted statistical research of plants and animals on the island - informed us of progress in controlling certain invasive animals and plants.

  • March: presentation on Composting with Worms. Our speaker, Angie Ouellette from Explore Ecology, brought a sample portable worm composting bin and explained how we could make it ourselves, what to put in it and what to feed the worms.  (see Photo at left)

  • May: presentation on Common Plant Diseases. Dr. Shashika Hewavitharana, an assistant professor in Plant Sciences and  a Strawberry Pathologist at Cal Poly in SLO, brought some of the common plant diseases we encounter in our gardens to life with animated slides.

  • September: garden tour of the Burton Mesa Chaparral Garden (BMCG) located on the Lompoc Campus of Allan Hancock College.

  • November: plant and seed exchange courtesy of members and guests.

Care days for the Gardens

In general, we LVBHS volunteers remove weeds and clear overgrowth from the paths. At the city's Drought Tolerant Garden, we also spread mulch to control weeds and to conserve moisture. We install new plant identification signs as needed.

(Photos at left were taken at BMCG: buckwheat in July and prickly phlox in late spring)

in 2024

care at BMCG: February 

in 2023

care at BMCG: February and May

care at DTG: March, April, October


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