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    Current or Upcoming Activities    

  Local Special Events and Field Trips, and Gardens to Visit:


Field Trips: None are scheduled at the moment.

Although the Figueroa Mtn field trip was canceled, please see the Figueroa Mountain Wildflower Guide! It's beautiful.

NOTE: Other plant societies and gardens may have events and Field Trips!
SEE Web Resources for Botany-Horticulture Events and Places!


Click HERE to see descriptions of Past Events!    And Click HERE to see Past Field Trips!

General Info about field trips or outdoor tours: The length of time varies. These are usually slow-paced, since many stops are made to look at plants. Wear walking shoes for sandy or uneven terrain. Take along liquids. Wear sunblock and/or sun hats..


La Purisima Mission (Please see link in the WWW Resources section, below). There are labeled plants on the main lower loop, including very old fruit trees and an herb garden.

Beattie Park at Olive Avenue and 5th Street. Trek through the "Urban Forest" with its many varieties of trees, and amble through "Recognition Grove" where trees (with plaques) were planted in honor of local leaders, including a few members of LVBHS, who have made Lompoc a better place to live.

The Burton Mesa Chaparral Garden at the far north end of Alan Hancock College, Lompoc Valley Center campus. The BMCG is the reason that LVBHS was formed, with an emphasis on informing the public of plants that are uniquely endemic to the Burton Mesa Chaparral.

The City of Lompoc Drought Tolerant Garden at 1801 W. Central Avenue, west of V street. It is a work in progress, having many hardy, Mediterranean climate plants and is an inspiration for local gardeners.

River Park, a regional park with stately trees, a pond with ducks, and flower fields nearby, has a one-mile loop trail and picnic amenities. Beginning in 2019, trees with recognition plaques, similar to Beattie Park's, have been planted near the trail. River Park lies adjacent to the Santa Ynez River on the eastern border of Lompoc. The only entrance is at E. Hwy 246 and Sweeney Road.

Take a Walk! For a simple pleasure, walk a few blocks - or miles - in any neighborhood of Lompoc and notice the landscape at each house.


Just click on this link for more info on these 4 gardens:  WWW Resources section.

Santa Ynez Valley Botanic Garden at River Park in Buellton. Along the short loop path there are many Sycamore trees, a replica of a Chumash Tule "Ap" Hut, and interesting art objects in addition to labeled native medicinal plants and other plants attractive to hummingbirds, butterflies, and bees. See this link for SYVBG events and more.  And see this for a great, informative LIST of native plants - which could easily succeed in growing in greater Lompoc Valley.

Alice Keck Park Memorial Garden in downtown Santa Barbara. It is one square block large and no matter when you go there, you will be entranced by the variety of plants and how they change with the seasons. There is also a pond, and various ducks and turtles can be spotted there. Don't miss the butterfly garden at the northwest part of the park; succulents at the northeast part; kapok and ginko biloba trees; and hibiscus bushes that flower almost year round. There are many benches that one can sit on to enjoy the moment. See this link for AKP history and general description.

The San Luis Obispo Botanic Garden at the El Chorro Regional Park, San Luis Obispo. This is a must see garden! The 150 acre garden is exclusively devoted to the ecosystems and plants of the five mediterranean climate regions of the world. For details on what to see and where it is, see this link for visiting SLOBG.  The SLO website is informative, inspiring, and easy to navigate.

The Santa Barbara Botanic Garden. They are open despite Covid-19, and the nursery where you can buy plants is too! There is much to see. Better for you to go to the website for SBBG to learn what there is! You can also take a virtual tour to see what they have and learn what you can do in your own garden.

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  Our Next LVBHS Meeting:  May 15, 2022 - 2p.m., at Stone Pine Hall

Program for 05-15-22 LVBHS meeting
Horticulture Therapy and Integrated Pest Management (IPM)

Meeting Agenda:  Reports from Chairs and Officers; The program.

PROGRAM speaker Carol Redhead:  Ms. Redhead will be talking about Horticulture Therapy: the history, research, and applications at the VA in Long Beach, CA where she served as an intern for 2 years. She also will be talking about IPM for garden insects using the best, most effective, least toxic methods of pest control for homeowners.

General Info:  Meetings are free, and all garden and botany enthusiasts are welcome! 

Meeting time will be 2pm, location will be at Stone Pine Hall, adjacent to the Lompoc Museum, at 210 S. "H" Street, on the 3rd Sunday of Odd-Numbered Months except July. Our meetings consist of a business session followed by a guest speaker and/or demonstration of plant handling techniques, and often opportunities to share plants and ideas with fellow members. There are light refreshments.

2022 LVBHS meeting dates:  Mar 20, May 15, Sept 18, Nov 20.

Go to Bottom to see descriptions of Previous Meetings!

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  Books - of Botanical or Horticultural interest, at the library 
Books donated by LVBHS:  Please go to the Lompoc Central Library on North Ave to check out the delightful books we donated. You can recognize them by looking for a plate on the inside cover page (or 1 or 2 pages in) that says “Lompoc Public Library” and “presented [or donated] by Lompoc Valley Botanic and Horticultural Society”.

Other Books :    It's always nice to improve our knowledge base. Generally, Dewey Decimal Class 635 is for Gardening and Horticulture, and Class 580 is for Plants and Botany. The library recently (2022) changed its collection.

Title: Founding Gardeners, the Revolutionary Generation, Nature, and the Shaping of the American Nation, by Andrea Wulf,  Call no.: 712.0973;  

Title: Plantiful, Start small, grow big with 150 plants that spread, self-sow, and overwinter, by Kristin Green,  Call no.: 635 G796;  

Title: Succulents Simplified, Growing, Designing, and Crafting with 100 Easy-Care Varieties, by Debra Lee Baldwin,  Call no.: 635.9525 B181;

Title: Electros of Flowers, published for the Bodger Library of Horticultural Illustrations (1952), A catalog of electroplates and nickeltypes of more than 400 flowers grown from seed ... with technical data, indexed nomenclature and miscellaneous information.  Call no.: 581.0222;

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  World Wide Web - Resources for Events, Field Trips, & People and Places of Botanical or Horticultural interest:

A NEW PLANT DATABASE:   the Calflora database, a preeminent botany website based on the latest taxonomic information, and rife with photographs and tools for identification, to create “polygons” defining specific areas on a map. If you use this link for the polygon for BMER and LPMSHP, you are treated to the world of plants that reside in just that area. When you get there, click on "SEARCH" to get the criteria to display.

Central Coast Geranium Society  Meets on 4th Wednesday evening in Nipomo.

Central Coast Cactus and Succulent Society  Meets on 2nd Sunday 2PM every month in SLO.

Santa Barbara Cactus and Succulent Society  Meets on 1st Friday at 7:30 every month but July.

Facebook - our own LVBHS page!  https://www.facebook.com/LVBHS  See the Timeline for upcoming LVBHS events. Many references for bee friends can be found there, as well as other links. Also, of course, find pics, comments and "Likes".

La Purisima Mission - see hours, Events, maps, and more.  La Purisima Mission, besides having miles of trails, has labeled plants on the main grounds indicative of what was grown here a few centuries ago and still being grown. See photo gallery of docents, plants, and animals.

California Native Plant Society - Look here for all news of CNPS. And here for CNPS-SLO news. See Field Trips of CNPS-SLO

Nipomo Native Plant Garden - See plant list for  NNG   See entire informative website, Nipomonativegarden.org The garden is small, 12 acres, but has much growing. See their latest NNG newsletters online

San Luis Obispo Botanical Garden - See what they grow at SLOBG. See this large, well-planned, diverse garden with plants from all the Mediterranean climates. Very nice visitor center. It's well worth the drive. San Luis Obispo [and Lompoc] is in one of the five mediterranean climate zones spread throughout the world and you will find plants from these zones showcased at SLOBG's beautifully landscaped garden. Plants from these mediterranean zones are well suited to our climate and are drought resistant, so be sure to wander through the Garden to get inspiration for your own landscaping!

Leaning Pine Arboretum at Cal Poly, SLO  - Visit the Arboretum  The "Central Coast's Premier horticultural display garden" focuses primarily on the world's five Mediterranean climate regions: Australia, California, Chile, the Mediterranean basin, and South Africa. Admission is free.

Santa Ynez Valley Natural History Society - Look here for lectures and field trips 

Santa Ynez Valley Botanic Garden - Visit their website here. See this large, enchanting garden located inside River View Park in Buellton. It has many sycamore trees, some oaks, and several smaller plants; and has several informative posters. It also has some willow and reed (Chumash-style) structures, art and sculptures.  It is tranquil, and the paths are easy to walk on.

Sedgwick Reserve - See upcoming events at their website here. Sedgwick Reserve, located in the Santa Ynez Valley, and a part of the UC Natural Reserve System, is a world-class research, conservation and education facility. Enjoy an interpretive hike or attend a fascinating lecture. See, and Learn: about oak trees, woodpeckers, geology, and other plants, animals, and resources. 

Santa Barbara Botanic Garden - See Day trips and longer trips,  local and far away. Explore their website at http://www.sbbg.org, and explore SBBG in person!

Santa Barbara Museum of Natural History - See Nature Trail   Explore their website at http://www.sbnature.org. Wander around the beautiful grounds with large oak trees, creeks, and bridges. See flowers and live butterflies (seasonal). Indoors are excellent exhibits.

Alice Keck Park Memorial Garden - Learn about Alice Keck Park park   Not to be missed! A one square block garden and park in the heart of Santa Barbara with a large botanical collection. Flowers bloom all year, and it looks different every time you visit. There is a lovely gazebo overlooking an even more lovely pond with water lilies, large koi, turtles, and sometimes ducks. There is a sensory garden, butterfly garden, and low water-use demonstration garden.

Theodore Payne Foundation for Wild Flowers and  Native Plants - several events, in Los Angeles or Southern California area.

Sharon Lovejoy, author and naturalist - See Lovejoy's website and blog  Delightful!

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  On-Going Projects:

City of Lompoc Drought Tolerant Garden (DTG)  at 1801 West Central Avenue, Lompoc. See About for background of its development. See photos here: Past Maintenance for On-Going Projects.

The Burton Mesa Chaparral Garden (BMCG), also known as The Chaparral Botanic Garden located on the campus of Allan Hancock College. See What's Blooming for photos, and see About for how this project, begun in 1970, instigated the formation of LVBHS.  In 2018, the kiosk for BMCG was renovated. See Kiosk Photo Album showing before and after pictures of the new kiosk. Every year, volunteers tidy up the trails, the area near the kiosk, and prune. See photos here: Past Maintenance for On-going Projects and in Newsletter, Mar/Apr 2022.

Volunteers to help out in our on-going projects would be welcome.  Recent maintenance of BMCG was on February 12, 2022. The next maintenance at the DTG is scheduled for April 2, 2022 at 9am.

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    Past Activities    

  Past Annual Plant Sales:  

Our LVBHS plant sale was a fund raiser that benefited the community. See Past Contributions.

The last commercial seed  research and development company in town, Floranova Ltd., which for several years generously donated thousands of plants to us after the annual seed pack trials were finished, moved their local operations to Chile in 2016. Therefore, LVBHS was not able to have its annual grand plant sale in 2016, and we do not anticipate having another one on that scale.  Members continue to bring plants from their gardens to meetings, for small donations. Come to the meetings, and see what's there! Donations to fund projects gladly are accepted. 

Our 36th Annual Plant Sale     Sunday April 19, 2015   1 to 4 pm
      SEE PLANTS INFO. Selected for being particularly successful for gardens in the Lompoc Valley climate.

Our 35th Annual Plant Sale     Sunday April 13, 2014   1 to 4 pm

Petunia, wallflower, marigolds - at 11:30AM      Succulents, Perennials, Begonia Baskets - 11:30 AM

Plenty of vegetables before sale began                            Beautiful color pots - 11:30 AM

People selecting plants.   This was at 1:04 PM    
Lompocans - with boxes, utility shelves on wheels,                                                                                      and carts loaded to the brim with colorful plants - 1:11 PM

Friends, family, and individuals with delighted smiles, and patiently waiting in line to pay, at 1:11 PM

   Rosemary Holmes (sitting) at cash box,                 Not many plants left at 2:48 PM.
   happy customer, and Al Thompson looking on.      


A lot of marigolds and 1 jubilant person - 2:49 PM           

Sunday April 13, 2014, 1 - 4 PM at Union Bank parking lot, 805 N. H St., Lompoc. LVBHS 35th Annual Plant Sale occurred. It was highly successful, with many thanks to the community that enjoyed buying gorgeous plants at low prices, the donors of the plants, the volunteers that planned and executed a well-organized sale, and great weather. Visit Plants Information to learn about the generous plant donors; and to also find cultivation information for the plants you bought this year, or to plan in advance for future sales.

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   Past Maintenance for On-going Projects:

Note: you can right-click on any picture and select "view image" to see an enlargement.


2015-Feb-7 and 2016-Feb-8 and 2018-Feb-10.   The Burton Mesa Chaparral Garden. LVBHS volunteers weeded and removed dead wood. Pictures of our volunteers.  (The first row is from 2015-16, with Charlie Blair, Archie Mitchell, and Mimi Erland-Judy McKinnon. The second row is from 2018, with Warren Arnold, Connie Geiger, and Mimi Erland.)

 Charlie with Hoe  Archie with cut wood  Mimi-Judy with trimmed brush  


2018, Feb 10   We have a renovated KIOSK!!! with many thanks to facilities staff of Alan Hancock College. And many thanks to the founding members who built the original kiosk whose main frame is still standing. Replacement of plant signs is in progress. Come take a look! Pictures of the new kiosk, with old wood in foreground.


2014, summer Lompoc Drought Tolerant Garden. LVBHS volunteers got together and weeded and laid down mulch. Before and after pictures:
 DTG sign  2014, before mulching   2014, after laying mulch - Rosemary

2015, fall Lompoc Drought Tolerant Garden. Volunteers from LVBHS, Lompoc Parks and Rec, the Wastewater Plant, and Boys and Girls Club joined efforts on October 24 "Make a Difference Day" to weed and lay down a lot of fresh mulch. Before and after pictures:
  DTG volunteers working  Mimi-Patrick  

2016, Oct 22 Lompoc Drought Tolerant Garden. Volunteers from LVBHS, Lompoc Parks and Rec, the Wastewater Plant, and others joined efforts on October 22 "Make a Difference Day" to weed and lay down fresh mulch. ... Pictures are in the Nov/Dec newsletter.

2017, Feb 11 Lompoc Drought Tolerant Garden - Workday. Volunteers from LVBHS showed their love for plants by coming to the DTG to weed, remove debris, and replace ID signs. ... A picture is in the Mar/Apr newsletter.

2019, Oct 26 Lompoc Drought Tolerant Garden. Volunteers from LVBHS, Lompoc Parks and Rec, the Wastewater Plant, and others joined efforts during "Make a Difference Day" to weed and lay down fresh mulch.

2020, Feb 28 Lompoc Drought Tolerant Garden - Workday. Volunteers from LVBHS showed their love and came to the DTG to weed and spread mulch. Pictures of participants are in the Mar/Apr newsletter.

2022, April 2 - Pulling out weeds at the City of Lompoc Drought Tolerant Garden,
at 1801 West Central Avenue, Lompoc
. 10 volunteers showed up! Pictures will soon be posted.

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   Past Doings - Recognition Grove

Recognition Grove honors many bright contributors to the community with trees and descriptive plaques at each tree. Several LVBHS members are among the honorees.

Make a Difference Day! at Recognition Grove in Beattie Park, Saturday Oct 28, 2017. 

LVBHS Volunteers, Make a Difference Day Volunteers, and Lompoc Parks Division Volunteers got together to BEAUTIFY some TREES. They made water basins around several trees, laid down mulch, and watered. This really made a difference! See the Newsletter from Nov/Dec 2017. 

Gentle gardeners and botanizers, you are invited to come and see the trees that recognize so many contributors to the community.  See map and list of these honorees.

SPECIAL EVENTS, 2015, 2016  Arbor Day , trees to honor Mimi Erland and Martha Galisky At Beattie Park, in Recognition Grove, the City of Lompoc celebrated Arbor Day with ceremonies that honored Mimi and Martha for their volunteer service. Additional LVBHS honorees with trees at the grove may be seen on the About page.

   Past Field Trips, Tours and Botany-Horticulture Events:

(in chronological order)

Saturday, April 5, 2014, 9 AM California Native Plant Society, Malcolm McLeod Annual Field Trip Meeting at Coon Creek at Montaña de Oro State Park.
Visit CNPS-SLO events to see description of past and upcoming events.

Sunday, April 6, 2014, 9 AM   California Native Plant Society and Sierra Club, La Purisima Burton Mesa Chaparral Wildflower Walk. Charlie Blair and Connie Geiger led the walk. The weather was fantastic, and many wildflowers were in bloom. Connie and Charlie gave us the vernacular and Latin names of flowers, bushes, and grasses. We were treated to large areas of poppies , creme cups , popcorn flowers , filarees , and more. It was a treat to be introduced (or re-introduced) to so many plants. (-- JL, member of LVBHS).  There are several outstanding photos of flowers of Burton Mesa Chaparral  at La Purisima Mission, in 2007. And below are just a couple from April 6, 2014...

                                    Poppies                                                             Popcorn flower

Photos courtesy of Dave Pierce


May 1, 2014, 5 PM to 7 PM    Lompoc High School Open Garden  Located at 515 W. College Ave, Lompoc. Current student gardeners and Martha Galisky, "Garden Coach" for the schools and a long-standing member of LVBHS, answered questions and showed the beautiful flowers and shrubs on the grounds. Martha is moving to Oregon in June. This was a great opportunity to hear all about it from the originator of the landscaping.

May 3, 2014, 11 AM to 4 PM    Alpha Club's Spring Garden Tour and Tea. Alpha Clubhouse located at Ocean & B St., Lompoc. Alpha Club hosted a self-guided tour of 6 Lompoc Gardens and a Tea Party. Cabrillo High School Horticulture Department students and staff had plants for sale at the clubhouse. Additionally, gardening items from Lompoc Valley Florist were available for purchase. Tour Fee: $20 per person.  Funds raised by Alpha Club help provide scholarships for students at Lompoc and Cabrillo high schools plus Hancock College.

May 3, 2014, 9 AM to 3 PM    Plantel Nurseries Open House. Located at 2890 Telephone Road, Santa Maria. Plantel Nurseries has nearly 1 million square feet of greenhouse space at 3 locations in SM. The one on Telephone Rd is different because it has been certified in Organic Transplant Production since 1999.  The open house featured tours of the enormous facility, with guides showing us the rooms and machines where organic vegetables are mass produced from seed to germination to transplant size, and greenhouses where small plants are nurtured until transplanted to fields; free vegetable and flower plants, and information about the nursery. Full-page article is in the Santa Maria Sun .

Ending May 4, 2014    Santa Barbara Botanic Garden - Spring Plant sale

May 31, 2014, 9 AM to 12 noon    Members' Gardens TourWe were treated to the garden visions of members Jean Jacoby, Gerlinde Jantz, and David Lemon. We were highly inspired by what we saw., and then we went to the greenhouse of Cabrillo High School and met with David Schroeder, teacher who oversees the floriculture projects. Many of us bought plants while we were there to fulfill the fantasies that bubbled in our minds after seeing the great gardens of our members.

June 11, 2014, 1 PM to 3 PM     Garden Clubs Meeting, District of Montana de Oro.  State Garden Clubs President, from Sacramento, and various people from all the GC's in the district, including Julie Levy from LVBHS, were present. The setting at "the Chapel" in back of Coalesce Book Store was beautiful, and the flowers, fountains, and brickwork in the courtyard between the chapel and bookstore is amazing. The meeting was a great get-together for garden clubs in the area. A rep from each club told what kind of activities each of these clubs do. The guest speaker Leonard Cicerello spoke on olive oil. Attendees got to taste various oils (Yum!) afterwards.

June 14, 2014, 1 PM     Garden Party in honor of Martha GaliskyWe had a delightful time at the garden and greenhouse of Alyce Martin.  Friends and family of Martha attended. People from LVBHS, Alpha Club, and others enjoyed the company, the food, and the incredible landscaping at Alyce's house. A few people spoke to the crowd to wish Martha well in her new home (Oregon), honor her valuable, energetic work, and say that we will miss her.

June through Sept 7, 2014  "Butterflies Alive" and "The Orchid Evolves".  Location: Santa Barbara Museum of Natural History at 2559 Puesta del Sol Road, Santa Barbara, CA 93105. Special exhibits, not to be missed. More than 1000 live fluttering butterflies in a natural flower setting. And unusual engravings, paintings, and photos of orchids in the Maximus Gallery. See museum website.

Oct 18, 2014, 9 AM   Fall Plant Walk. Tour of fall-blooming plants of the Burton Mesa Chaparral, led by Charlie Blair. Meeting location, east end of Burton Mesa Blvd (1550 E Burton Mesa Blvd) in Mission Hills.

Feb 28, 2015, 9 AM   Late Winter Plant Walk. Tour of early-blooming plants of the Burton Mesa Chaparral, and interesting scenery, led by Charlie Blair.  This occurred despite intermittent showers. Met at east end of Burton Mesa Blvd in Mission Hills, walked in to the lower loop of La Purisima Mission State Park and saw bright orange California poppies and then ascended to the upper loop. Popcorn flowers, Wallflowers, and Fiestaflowers were abundant. Ceanothus was blooming. Lacy lichen (Ramalina menziesii), which looks like Spanish Moss, was picturesquely hanging off oak trees.

June 27-28, 2015  The Lompoc Valley Festival Association sponsered a Specimen Flower Show at Ryon Park during the Flower Festival.  Anyone could submit specimens of almost anything growing in their yards, roses and even pelargoniums and nasturiums!

Saturday, June 13, 2015, 9 AM  The Society Garden Tour.  We went in car pools to each house in special order, i.e., not random. Four houses. Beautiful gardens were seen.

Oct 17, 2015, 9 AM   Fall Plant Walk. Tour of fall-blooming plants of the Burton Mesa Chaparral, led by Charlie Blair.  

Feb 2, 2016, 9 AM   Late Winter Plant Walk. See early-blooming plants and interesting scenery of the Burton Mesa Chaparral on the La Purisima Mission grounds, led by Charlie Blair. 

Field trips to Giant Coreopsis, 3-12-16, Spring Wildflowers 3-20-16, and Wildflower Adventure, 4-9-16 See more: Santa Ynez Valley Natural History Society website or their newsletter.

SPECIAL EVENT, Aug 27, 2016  Gardens Tour Began at 9AM at Peace Community Garden, 1000 West Ocean Ave, where we saw well-planted garden beds and Becky Barritt told us about it. Next was Becky's house with outstanding sets of plants and hardscape packed into smallish spaces, front and back. Next was a thorough tour of  Valley Haven Senior Citizen Center, 502 North Third, with Sally Bass presenting. The landscape was professionally designed and implemented 15 months ago. Colorful drought-tolerant plants filled the area. Sally also showed interior of the center, which she decorated herself. Fabulous.Last was the front yard of Archie Mitchell, with his wife Roseleen answering questions. It was well designed succulents, rocks, planters, and statuary.

SPECIAL EVENT, Sept 17, 2016, Master Gardeners.  Two Free Public Workshops At Stone Pine Hall, 200 S H St, Lompoc, at 10:15 and 11:30 am. Create a Water Wise Flower Garden (Native Plants, Herbs, Succulents) and Eat What You Sow - Vegetable Gardening. Please see Flyer for details.

Field Trip, Oct 22, 2016, 9AM    Fall Plant Walk.    Led by Charlie Blair. Was cancelled. 

SPECIAL EVENT, March 24-25, 2017, Plant Sale at San Luis Obispo Botanical Garden (70 miles)

Field Trip, Apr 2, 2017, 9AM    Spring Wildflower Walk, of the Burton Mesa Chaparral at La Purisima Mission.   Sponsored by LVBHS and CNPS, led by Charlie Blair. Well attended (9 people), and well-rewarded with many different wildflowers, and a few butterflies and moths, not to mention splendid weather. Much was learned about plant morphology and plant identification, as four botanically knowledgeable people kindly shared what they knew with whoever asked. Two other people showed us the value of looking close up with a loupe (hand-lens) or a special binocular that allows you to see up close without having to stoop down to the plant's height.   

Field Trip, April 22, 2017, 9AM   LPNF and CNPS “Drive and Stroll Tour” of Figueroa Mountain. The Santa Lucia District, Los Padres National Forest (LPNF) held one of its thirteenth annual Wildflower Weekends on Figueroa Mountain in conjunction with the California Native Plant Society (CNPS).  Spectacular fields of bush lupine were seen along the road and purple-cloaking an entire hillside. Several chocolate lilies, some wallflowers, fiesta flowers, and lots of grass also was enjoyed by the 19 people who were on the tour.

Event, May 6, 2017    Alpha Club's Spring Garden Tour and Tea.  Alpha Clubhouse located at Ocean & B St., Lompoc. Alpha Club hosted a self-guided tour of 6 Lompoc Gardens and a Tea Party. Cabrillo High School Horticulture Department students and staff had plants for sale at the clubhouse. The gardens were inspiring!

Event, June 3, 2017    Celebration of Vern Human's Life.  At Miguelito Park, where he and his wife Virginia Harrington were married, friends, relatives, and fans of his book attended. He was the cherished author of one of our most wonderful publications, A Naturalist at Play.

Event, Sept 16, 2017    Master Gardeners Training Class 2018 Overview.  University of California Cooperative Extension Master Gardeners of Santa Barbara County presented this class overview. You can follow them on facebook and get more details.

Field Trip, Nov 5, 2017 La Purisima Fall Wildflower Walk.  Charlie Blair led a tour of fall blooming plants of the Burton Mesa Chaparral. 

Event, Jan 25, 2018   City Wide Enhancement/Beautification Workshop.  At Lompoc Council Chambers, 100 Civic Center Plaza. Purpose: Brainstorm ideas for projects to make community more beautiful.

Field Trip, Mar 3, 2018 La Purisima Late Winter Wildflower Walk.  Charlie Blair led a tour of winter plants of the Burton Mesa Chaparral. We noticed leaves, trees, bushes, and lichen, since there were no flowers to speak of.

Field Trip, Apr 8, 2018 La Purisima Spring Wildflower Walk.  Charlie Blair led a tour of spring plants of the Burton Mesa Chaparral. Several Redberry bushes had small yellow flowers. Popcorn, Prickly Phlox, and Fiddleneck flowers were in early stages of growth. Artemisia had young, tender new growth and was fragrant as always.

Field Trip, May 5, 2018, 9AM - 2PM,  Figueroa Mountain Spring Tour, led by Charlie Blair of CNPS (and LVBHS)  Also called "Los Padres National Forest, Santa Lucia Ranger District Spring Tour," Helen Tarbet of the forest service accompanied visitors.

Plant Sale, March 3 thru June 9, 2018, on Saturdays, 9am to noon, at Cabrillo High School!   by the O H dept at CHS. $4 one-gallon flowers, $6 one-gallon succulents. Beautiful plants!

Event, LVBHS Table at Summer Farmer's Market. 7-27-18, Friday 5pm to 8pm, on S "H" St, Lompoc.
The theme was "agriculture". LVBHS had brochures for our Society, free plants and seeds, and large posters of native plants. Vegetable seedlings were given away by Plantel, a company in Santa Maria.

Field trip, Oct 21, 2018, La Purisima Mission Fall Plant Walk. Charlie Blair led a tour of fall-blooming plants of the Burton Mesa Chaparral.

Event, Field trip, May 11, 2019, Wildflower Weedend on Figueroa Mtn. Charlie Blair of LVBHS and Helen Tarbet. of The Santa Lucia District, Los Padres National Forest (LPNF) led a tour during the 13th annual "Wildflower Weekend on Figueroa Mountain" in conjunction with the California Native Plant Society (CNPS).

Event, Farmer's Market, July 19 and July 26, 2019, LVBHS booth.  LVBHS members Carol Redhead, Charlie Blair, and other members talked to passers-by and handed out our new publicity brochure.

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   Past Projects:

Summary of past projects and contributions to the community:

LVBHS has given close to $200,000 back into the community from plant sale revenues. We were the first organization to give funds to the Leaning Pine Arboretum  at Cal Poly San Luis Obispo & have a plaque there with our name on it. We have donated scores of books, etc. to the Lompoc Library. We used to help fund plantings at City Hall which were changed twice a year. We've given hundreds of dollars to the schools for garden programs and many years ago, we gave scholarship money to persons going into horticulture and/or botany.

Lompoc School Garden Projects.  In 2015,  the year of the last plant sale, the Society granted $1,866 to schools for starting or improving gardens at local schools. The following schools were recipients.

  1. Fillmore Elementary School PTA
  2. La Canada Elementary School
  3. La Honda Elementary School
  4. Lompoc High School
  5. Los Berros Elementary School

We helped design and fund the *City of Lompoc Drought Tolerant Demo Garden. With the formation of the Lompoc Valley Botanic and Horticultural Society in 1977, attention was paid to the *Burton Mesa Chaparral Garden, a local natural resource.

    *The Drought Tolerant and Chaparral Gardens are active on-going projects.  Please also see the About Page, for some light on these current projects.

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  Previous LVBHS Meetings: (in chronological order)

March 16, 2014  Guest speaker, Becky Barritt, gave a presentation on the Lompoc Beautification and Appearance Commission. She currently chairs the Commission and spoke about its various roles. Becky is a local landscape contractor and nursery owner experienced in landscape design and installation.

May 18, 2014  LVBHS hosted a free talk and slide show, “Wild at Heart: Secrets of a Good Natured Gardener (and Garden),” by nationally known author and naturalist, Sharon Lovejoy.

From the publicity: "Discover the magic of gardening with natives and the nature they will entice into your yard. It’s all about working hand in hand with mother nature. Author Sharon Lovejoy depends on a team of birds, bees, bugs, worms, and native plants to keep her garden healthy. Sharon will introduce you to some often overlooked and under-appreciated critters who can help transform your soil and garden into a verdant and bountiful landscape. "

Several of her books were available for purchase and signing after the talk. Please do visit her website to learn more! http://www.sharonlovejoy.com/CultivatingWonder/Home.html, and be sure to check out her wonderful blog (link on her website.)

Delicious homemade refreshments were brought by Rosemary Holmes and enjoyed by attendees.

September 21, 2014  Guest speaker was Puck Lohnas Erickson from the Santa Ynez Valley Botanic Garden. She focused on the development of this new park, only a few years old, which was built "by the community, for the community". Local elementary school students helped build Chumash style willow and reed Tule huts. (Read about it and see pictures in "events" 2013, at their website.) The garden is a unique, accessible and interactive environment, highlighting plants native to the Santa Ynez River watershed.

Nov 16, 2014  LVBHS had its annual fall plant exchange, where members brought in plants from their gardens, for others to take home and enjoy in their gardens. There was a large turnout, and members eagerly selected plants. Warren Arnold sharpened several members' garden tools, giving them an ultra-sharp new lease on life. . . .Beverages, delicious fruit, and homemade cookies were brought by Rosemary Holmes and enjoyed by attendees.

Jan 18, 2015  Guest speaker Karen Osland spoke on plants used by local Chumash for food, shelter, paints, and basket weaving; and she brought samples of the various plants and products for the group to see and touch. She is an archaelogist-ecologist, gourd and basketry artist, and is involved in docent programs at La Purisima Mission and Santa Barbara Botanic Garden. 

Mar 15, 2015  Guest speaker, Shelby Wild from Explore Ecology spoke on teaching gardening. Ms. Wild is one of two Garden Educators working at Lompoc schools. She currently manages 4 school gardens, three under Explore Ecology and one with the support of the Village Farmers Market Association. She teaches about 20 lessons a week to an average of about 450 students who plant, harvest fruits and vegetables and maintain the gardens.

May 17, 2015  Presentation: Member speakers,  long-time flower show judge Al Thompson and experienced flower show winner, Alyce Martin, presented expert advice and tips on flower selection, preparation, and transport, for entering your blooms to their best advantage for the Specimen Flower Show to be held during the flower festival in late June.

Sept 20, 2015  Guest speaker, Robert Mason, an ISA board certified Master Arborist, gave an informative presentation about landscaping in a drought. He told us the various ways plants use water and what happens when they don't have enough. He impressed upon us the need to pay attention to the most valuable, slowest-growing, and hardest to replace of the plants in our landscape: trees. When there is limited water, trees come first! He told us that 0.6 gallons of water is equivalent to one inch of rainfall per square foot - a useful fact for planning watering.

Nov 17, 2015  Plant exchange. Members and friends brought in extra plants from their gardens and advised us on how to care for them. We brought in pruners and shovels, and Warren Arnold sharpened our tools and taught us how to keep them in tip-top shape. 

Jan 24, 2016   Presentation: Garden Do-Overs. Members Al Thompson and Archie Mitchell presented pictures and slides illustrating their garden changes. Al simplified his backyard by removing some plants and installing beautiful hardscapes. He re-purposed bamboo that was chopped down, converting it into fences. Archie, using city rebates, converted his front yard into an aesthetically pleasing xeriscape.  Business Session: Election. Nominating committee found one person to step up to the plate for president. Mimi Erland stepped down, and Judy McKinnon stepped up. Announcement: The loss of Floranova and hence loss of plant sale material for fund-raising was revealed. At end of meeting: Members brought plants and fruits from their gardens with the intention of raising funds, and donations were accepted.

Mar 20, 2016  Presentation: Member Charlie Blair showed slides of Burton Mesa Chaparral wildflowers, many of which are in full bloom, and identified them with common and Latin names. He told us about "Mr and Mrs Fuzzy-Wuzzy", the silly way to know male and females of the Coyote Bush. (The male has golden balls.) Volunteerism: New member Dawn Brown volunteered to be member-at-large, to replace Judy McKinnon, now president. Announcement: New location for meetings, to be held in the future at the Valley of Flowers Church.

May 15, 2016  We continue to say "Many thanks for your leadership" to Mimi Erland , who served for five years as president; and "hello, and thank you" to Judy McKinnon for accepting the role of president of LVBHS. Presentation: Member Carol Redhead, who interned with the VA in Long Beach in their Horticultural Therapy Program, spoke about her research and experiences in Horticulture Therapy (HT).  She gave us a useful handout for future reference. We learned that the connection between people and plants has been around for ages, that first recorded uses of HT began with royal court physicians of Egypt, continued in Europe, became recognized in US in 1817 as viable treatment at a mental asylum, and after the Civil War was used for veterans, continued to be used in the 20th century as rehabilitative medicine for mental and physical health, and by the 1950's became formally recognized in degree programs by many Colleges and Universities. Carol told us theories on how it works, the difference between active and passive plant-related activities, and what the goals of HT are, [You may learn more by accessing the “American Horticultural Therapy Association” (AHTA).]

Sept 18, 2016   Presentation: Speaker  Karen Osland presented "Lompoc Valley-Gardens Through Time". Karen Osland is an archeologist with a particular interest in ethnobotany.

Nov 20, 2016   Business Session: Announcement for offices and committee vacancies; and a nominating committee was formed. President needs to be filled, as president Judy McKinnon offered to fill Rosemary Holmes' secretary position, since Rosemary offered to fill Connie Geiger's hospitality position, and Connie volunteered to be member-at-large. New members Megan and Yuri volunteered to be on the publicity-social media committee; and the botany committee name is changed to "Chaparral Garden Committee", with Mimi, Charlie and Julie on the committee.
The Fun Part: Plant exchange was wildly successful. Despite the pouring rain, many plants were brought in - and taken away: several varieties of succulents and bulbs, some gorgeous pelargoniums and some herbs.There were pots and plant stands, bark and moss, too, that were gleefully exchanged. Tool sharpening was an added treasure to the event. Warren Arnold did a superb job of getting our tools back in shape.

Jan 15, 2017   Presentation: Guest speaker Steve Junak informed us about the many Channel Islands, their physical features and the plants that can be found on them, with an emphasis on the botany of tiny Anacapa Island.  Steve is a retired botanist from the Santa Barbara Botanic Garden and has written extensively on Island Biology. Books he has co-authored include A Flora of San Nicholas Island and Flora of Santa Cruz IslandBusiness Session: Election. Charlie Blair is the new president, Sheryl Reimers became vice-president, Judy McKinnon is now secretary, and Julie Levy continues as treasurer. 

Mar 19, 2017   Presentation: Member Al Thompson gave us a handout about herbariums and showed us samples of pressed plants and the equipment used. Business Session: Discussion of having a meeting with other community groups that are concerned with beautification via plants. Budget proposal for 2017 was reviewed and amended. Need for better care of trees at Beatty Park and trees about town was discussed.

May 21, 2017   Presentation: "Flower Power". Guest speaker Catalina McIsaac, CEO and founder of “Art, Peace, Imagine”, motivated us to become active in our community, with beautification by planting. She detailed how flowers can impact society in a big and positive way. Bring on the power of flowers to transform society.  Announcement: Invitation to attend celebration of life of Vernon Human, author of an LVBHS publication. Other: Donated plants were sold at a small price, and refreshments were home-baked by Connie Geiger.

Sept 17, 2017   Presentation: "Garden Soil Make-up". Member speaker Al Thompson demonstrated soil testing for pH, Nitrogen, Phosphorus, and Potash, including a display of soil samples showing sand, silt, and clay ratios from various area gardens. Members wishing to have their soil tested for pH brought samples of their soil. A discussion about soil amendments and planting according to your soil type followed.

Nov 19, 2017  Plant exchange. Members and friends brought excess plants, seeds, bulbs, and cuttings to the meeting and advised us on how to care for them. We happily brought home some new plants from that exchange. We also brought in pruners and shovels, and Warren Arnold sharpened our tools and gave them new life.

January, 2018   No Meeting: Conflict with concert association at our meeting location prevented January meeting.   February 10, 2018  Board MeetingBudget 2018 and Community and Garden Projects were discussed.

March 25, 2018   Presentation: "Local Burton Mesa Chaparral Flowers". Member Charlie Blair showed slides and discussed the characteristics of chaparral - the wet and dry seasons and when plants bloom. He showed pictures of, and told us about, some composite flowers that have only rays and no disk flowers like the "California Daisy", and others that have disk flowers and no rays.

May 20, 2018   Presentation: "Calflora and BMER". Amateur botanist extraordinaire Don Tate showed pictures of rare flowers in the Burton Mesa Chaparral and informed us on how to use "What Grows Here" in the Calflora database.

Sept 23, 2018   Presentation: Speakers Rick Mathews and Megan Savage, of Madrone Landscaping, specializing in plants for the Central Coast, provided information and inspiration for our gardens.  

Nov 18, 2018  Plant exchange. An exciting array of plants! Members and friends brought excess plants, seeds, bulbs, and cuttings to the meeting, and we gleefully brought home some new plants for our gardens and homes. We also brought in pruners and shovels, and we are grateful to Warren Arnold, who sharpened them to give months more of excellent workhorse service. 

Jan 20, 2019  Presentation:  Caring for Soils.   Bill Ostrander shared his twenty-years’ experience of farming in Los Osos and observations on maintaining soil health from travels to over 5 continents and 35 countries.  His talk included suggestions on vegetable gardening and home landscapes.

Mar 17, 2019  Presentation:  Unusual, Rare and Beautiful Plants Found on Islands of Baja.   Bruce Reed, horticulturist at SBBG, Bruce Reed, Horticulturist for SBBG, shared pictures and stories from a trip to six hard-to-reach islands of Baja with a team including several members of SBBG in spring of 2016.
Rare plant on a Baja Island
(photo by Bruce Reed):
       rare plant on a Baja Island, spring 2016

May 19, 2019  Presentation:  Planning a Pollinator Garden. This was a presentation of the Master Gardeners of the University of California Cooperative Extension (UCCE). Speakers Sheryl Reimers and Jim Rice briefly discussed the importance of pollinators, the different types of pollinators, how to build a habitat for pollinators, and how to analyze soil and climate for plant selection. They showed photos of different pollinators, including native bees, honey bees, pollinator flies, beetles, bats, moths and wasps.

Sept 15, 2019 presentation:  Burton Mesa Chaparral .  Charlie Blair repeated the Burton Mesa Chaparral program from 3-25-18 that wasn't seen well because of light control problems. An enjoyable learning session about the local wildflowers.

Nov 17, 2019  Plant exchange. Plants galore! Members and friends brought plants, seeds, bulbs, and cuttings to the meeting, and we happily chose some real winners to take home. We brought in gardening tools, and we are grateful to Warren Arnold, who sharpened them for us.

Jan 19, 2020  Presentation: San Luis Obispo Botanic Garden. Speaker: Eve Vigil, one of the founders of the SLOBG spoke about the Garden, which represents plants from all five Mediterranean climate zones of the world, how it came to be, and how it inspires respect and understanding for the California flora and Mediterranean ecosystems of which we are part.

March, 2020  The meeting was canceled. (Covid-19 was raging at the time.)

Sept 19, 2021  Presentation: Easy Native Nectar Gardens for Pollinators. Speaker:  Bebhinn McIlroy-Hawley enthralled us with a powerpoint show about super-easy, economical gardening to attract birds, bees, and especially butterflies - using native plants that thrive in the Lompoc area. She gave us resource websites to learn more.

Nov 21, 2021  Free plant exchange and tool sharpening.  A fantastic array of plants, what a haul, for those who enjoy adding plants to their gardens. And how nice it was to get our tools finely honed.

Jan 16, 2022  (meeting was canceled)

Mar 20, 2022  The meeting began with one hour of business regarding converting LVBHS from 501c(5) non-profit to 501c(3) non-profit; and amending the constitution to eliminate future "life"members. The Presentation:.  Burton Mesa Chaparral (BMC) and Samples of Plants An informative video made many years ago was supposed to be shown, but the audio on the computer didn't work. Instead, we ended up having a very delightful presentation by Mimi Erland. She had brought about 25 different cuttings of BMC native plants and they were displayed on a table, excellently labeled. As she spoke to us, holding up each cutting, one at a time, telling us its name and distinguishing details, she handed some of them out for us to pass around  so we could see specimens more closely and touch and smell them. After the presentation: Joe Heuring brought 3 flats full of plugs of vegetables from Plantel, free for us to help ourselves. Wow!

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